Window Treatments That Work Best in Houses with Young Children

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You might be wondering what the finest window treatments are for your house if you have kids. It’s a legitimate issue, whether you’re concerned about the security of your children or the long-term effectiveness of your treatments. Here are the main explanations for why custom shutters are the ideal window coverings for families with young children in Utah.

With good reason, many parents have long been quite concerned about child safety and window coverings. Custom shutters have to be your top option if you’re concerned about the security of your kids and your window coverings.

Naturally, installing bespoke shutters in your home poses no safety risks because there are no cords to pull. Knowing that you don’t need to purchase specialized equipment in order to keep hazardous cords out of the way will give you complete piece of mind.

When purchasing window treatments, we all want to be sure they’ll last. That entails standing up to regular use as well as sporadic kid abuse. Blinds that are too thin might easily lose their shape and need to be completely replaced. Children who are curious can also unravel or rip Roman shades.

If a child were to break a piece of your shutter, we would be able to replace it as soon as possible because solid wood is far more resistant to the mischief of young children.

Your bespoke wood shutters are simple to clean, even with small, likely chocolate-stained hands. Each nook is accessible since there is enough room between the slats. Additionally, as our custom-made shutters lack a tilt-rod, less obstructions will stand in your way. You’ll enjoy how simple it is to maintain your custom shutters because they are naturally durable and stain-resistant.

When it comes to protecting our kids, we have more than enough to worry about. One of them shouldn’t be worrying about potential dangers in our home. We can assist you if you’re prepared to upgrade to the top window treatments Utah has to offer. Clearview Shutters, which serves homes all around Utah, is prepared to transform your house into a place you can enjoy for many years to come.

Are Custom Shutters Really Required? Our Top 4 Arguments for Choosing Them


If you want to renovate your house, you definitely have a to-do list that is rather big. Custom shutter installation is frequently postponed on a list of house renovations. But we’re here to tell you that bespoke shutters offer benefits beyond just their opulent appearance. Modernizing your shutters can be very advantageous, both aesthetically and functionally. Here are 4 reasons why every home needs bespoke shutters.

1. You want to increase the value of your house
The rise in the value of your home is the main advantage of bespoke shutters. If you ever decide to put your house up for sale, it will not only have a higher value on paper but also appeal to more potential purchasers.

2. Your windows are unusually formed.
You will profit from custom shutters if you have any unusual windows, like oval, round, or even triangular ones. Regular window treatments, like curtains, don’t work well with windows that are oddly shaped. The shape variations will clash and produce an undesirable appearance.

3. You desire to insulating your house.
Wood shutters are not just beautiful; they also serve a very practical purpose. They provide insulation between the interior of your home and the elements when fashioned of strong, high-quality materials. In addition, shutters prevent UV rays from harming your floors and furniture. You’ll not only reduce your energy costs, but you’ll also guard against sun fading inside your house.

4. You desire a beautiful home.
Last but not least, handcrafted shutters will simply enhance the beauty of your property. Your home can go from being basic to something worthy of a magazine with this easy improvement. When deciding on the best window treatments, wood shutters offer regularity and beauty that are unmatched.

Custom shutters are essential if you want to have a house that you’re proud of while enhancing its appeal and value. Our professionals are here to assist you in converting your house into a stylish living area that you can use for many years to come. For a free quote, call (801) 567-1313 right away. We have a solution for whatever shutter needs you may have.

Why You Ought to Never Purchase Plantation Screens On the Web


Nowadays, the web has made looking for practically any item conceivable with the hit of a button. From hardware to apparel, and even food, most anything can be purchased from anyplace at whenever. However, it may not be the ideal decision all of the time. We comprehend that purchasing on the web in a great deal of cases is more straightforward and less expensive than cruising all over to find what you want. However, there are valid justifications why you ought to never purchase plantation shutters on the web.

Establishment Cycle
Going the D.I.Y. course and choosing to purchase plantation screens online leaves a ton of wiggle room. On the off chance that you’re not a very convenient individual, you could wind up with some unacceptable size, variety, or sort of screens. Numerous internet based organizations have a particular disclaimer that any off-base estimations made are at the issue of the buyer. Likewise, botches made during introduce are difficult to switch. While putting resources into custom shutters, the last thing you need is for them to be not in any way great. By utilizing a neighborhood organization, you can stay away from sloppy, ineffectively introduced screens.

From start to finish, a nearby expert screen organization will ensure your shades are precisely exact thing you imagined. Not exclusively will you not need to rely upon your own estimating technique, yet you will not need to stress over introducing screens without help from anyone else all things considered.

Large scale manufacturing typically cuts down the expense of online screens, making them not-really custom all things considered. Varieties and stains can’t be matched impeccably and the quality is in all likelihood not what you’d get with an expert shade organization.

Eventually, to further develop your home’s worth and make them look its best, your most ideal choice is to recruit a neighborhood custom shade organization. A nearby Utah organization like Clearview Shutters has your wellbeing on a basic level and will ensure your shades surpass your assumptions. Using imaginative plan and intense scrupulousness, Clearview Shutters guarantees strong, lovely shades made to endure.

Contemplations to Make Prior to Introducing Custom Shutters


Custom shutters have an advantage of expanding a home’s estimation while likewise giving your home an exquisite look. In any case, assuming you’re considering adding custom screens to your home, there are a few contemplations to make before you take that underlying jump. Our plan specialists are here to assist you with pursuing the most ideal choice for your circumstance, however meanwhile, there are a few things you can consider prior to introducing custom shutters. The following are two or three things to ponder before you plan your free meeting.

Painted or Stained Custom Shades
We need to ensure you’re as happy with your custom shades as could really be expected, which is the reason we offer total customization in one or the other paint or stain. Assuming that you have finished wood trim in your home, we’ll work resolutely to ensure your new custom shades match impeccably. In the event that you’d prefer have painted shades, we’ll pick the right wood to make it happen and match any current baseboard or trim tones impeccably.

The Windows to Introduce Your Custom Shutters on First
We suggest having every one of your windows fitted for custom shades introduced simultaneously. In any case, we comprehend that financial plans some of the time keep that from occurring. Assuming you’re separating the establishment of shades in your home, you’ll need to initially pick the windows that have the most perceivability. Consider which windows will be seen from the front of your home. You might need to begin with introducing screens on all road view windows. This gives your home a more uniform look and offers better control bid. When inside the home, you can conclude which windows will give your guests the best impression.

So assuming that you’re prepared to overhaul your home, ensure you think about the choices prior to introducing custom screens. Top notch screens keep going quite a while and Clearview Shutters needs to ensure you’re perpetually happy with your decisions. So whether you settle on stain or paint, or need to separate your establishment, we’re here to help. As usual, we offer a free interview and are prepared to assist you with making your ideal home today.

3 Advantages of Custom Shutters: Why They are Worth The Effort


The vast majority put resources into custom shutters for two reasons: to refresh the appearance of their home and furthermore to build their home’s estimation. In any case, there are different advantages. While you’re investigating the expense of custom shades, ensure you likewise consider these 3 different ways you can anticipate a profit from your speculation.

  1. Energy Reserve funds
    Anything the climate, your screens can decrease energy misfortune and keep your home’s temperature directed and your wallet blissful. Throughout the colder time of year, thick wood shades give an obstruction between the external temperature and your home, so that you’re not left with a chill. In the late spring, your screens likewise give a method for obstructing beams of daylight, keeping the intensity out. Custom shutters additionally safeguard your furnishings and ground surface from sun harm. This is a genuine worry for some individuals who put a ton in their home insides. After some time, daylight can and will make floors and furniture blur. The more light-impeding capacity you have, the more. The expense of custom shades is worth it while hoping to obstruct the sun’s unsafe beams.
  2. Sturdiness
    Over the long haul, custom shutters will pay off essentially from their toughness, in contrast to their sub-quality partners. At the point when you pick top notch screens with tough materials, your shades will endure longer than your essential home improvement store blinds. By putting resources into your home all along, you will forestall investing energy and cash supplanting sub-quality window medicines sooner rather than later.
  3. Home Estimation
    Obviously, by putting resources into quality custom shutters, you’re consequently raising the worth of your home. Not exclusively will your house be worth more on paper, yet in the event that you at any point sell your home, it will be significantly more appealing to home purchasers. It doesn’t take considerably more than wonderful shades to have a purchaser pick your home throughout the following.

So on the off chance that you’re searching for a reliable shades organization to refresh the vibe of your home, while making an incredible venture, think about introducing custom shutters. Clearview Shutters is here to address each of your inquiries with respect to the expense of custom shades. Call us or message us today for a free statement.

Choosing Specialized Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors and French Doors


In most homes, sliding and french glass doors are prevalent, although they frequently lack privacy. You might believe your only alternatives are vertical blinds or, God forbid, drapes if you’re looking for window treatment solutions for an outside glass door in your home. But do not worry; there are many more stylish options available. By selecting specialized shutters for French doors and sliding glass doors, you can maintain the look of your contemporary and opulent design.

Sliding glass door shutters
Many people are not aware that this choice is available. Therefore, choose unique utah shutters for your sliding glass door instead of the outmoded vertical blinds. They’re set up on a track, just like your sliding glass door, so they can easily glide open for convenient entry or closed for total seclusion. You won’t have to worry with vertical blinds that are ugly or drapes that are constantly in the way.

For French doors, use specialized shutters

French doors are designed to make a stunning statement about a house. It would be a shame to hide them behind small blinds or curtains for privacy. Fortunately, you can substitute custom shutters. You will still have beautiful doors with considerably greater privacy thanks to this.

Alternatives for wood shutters on exterior doors
Our basswood shutters are the ideal alternative if you decide to have painted shutters for your external doors. To fit your current decor, you can pick whatever color you like. Alder wood is recommended if you’d rather dye rather. Any stain you like, including any already-stained wood in your house, can be matched by us. Alder wood has a lovely grain and depth, which are highly valued in interior design.

The reputable custom shutter designer in Utah is Clearview Shutters. We can assist you in making the finest choice for your home and develop fully specialized shutters for every occasion. For a free estimate on external door shutters, get in touch with us right away!

Why Solid Wood Shutters Are Your Home’s Best Option


What material should be used for custom wood shutters is one of the final things a person may think about. However, it matters. Choosing the ideal custom shutters for your home depends on your preference for painting or staining. To give you the two greatest materials on the market, we took into account all the possibilities. Continue reading to learn more about the two varieties of wood that Clearview Shutters offers and why one of them would be the ideal option.

Basswood will be your finest option if painted wood shutters are what you want. A fine-grained, light wood with long-lasting beauty and toughness is basswood. Any color in your home can be painted on basswood to match it. Basswood is the ideal option if you decide to paint rather than stain because it can be painted to match any hue in your house.

Alder Wood
One of the most popular woods used in house design is knotty alder. Many property owners desire the depth and distinctive qualities that it adds. Additionally, it is the ideal wood to dye anyway you like. In order to ensure that your new alder wood shutters will properly match any existing stained wood in your home, we may visit and assess it.

Why pick handmade wood shutters over manufactured ones?

We provide wood shutters because they are more resilient, more aesthetically pleasing, and more cost-effective than synthetic alternatives. We are delighted to offer exceptional craftsmanship along with top-notch options because we care about what we place in our customers’ homes.

The best options are available from Clearview Shutters, whether you’re staining or painting. Our products will be durable enough to last a lifetime, or at the very least until you renovate your home again. Let us assess your area and assist you in selecting the solutions that would work best in your house.

Custom Shutters for Windows with Distinctive Shapes


It might have seemed like a smart idea at the time to purchase the old Victorian with the distinctive windows. You may be asking what you were thinking now that you require window coverings. Finding window decoration options can be very difficult because not all windows are created equally. Typically, curtains are the first option that springs to mind. However, the design of a window with a peculiar shape can be hampered by the shape of the curtains. Fortunately, customized shutters are a fantastic fix for this frequent problem.

Continue reading to see why specialized shutters are the ideal choice for your windows’ unusual shapes.

Options for windows that are oblong and round. Window shapes like circles and ovals are ideal for custom shutters. These window forms can be fitted with a unique kind of shutter called a sunburst shutter, which will give you seclusion and an upscale appearance that will raise the value of your home.

Arched window specialty shutters. There isn’t exactly a method to make semi-custom shades work for a window with an arch top. Additionally, curtains would likely be incongruent with the window’s design.

Custom shutters are the ideal option whether your window has a single large arch or a little arch at the top of a square design.

You can always install specialty shutters on the lower half of your windows if you determine the top arch of your windows doesn’t need shutters. In this manner, the top can display the unique stained or leaded glass.

Therefore, don’t stress over what you’ll do about your unusually shaped windows. Your home can always look its finest with the help of a broad variety of cheap solutions from Clearview Shutters. For the most distinctive appearance possible, we can match any color or stain in your house. For a free quote, get in touch with us today!

Custom Window Treatment Options


Whether you just purchased another home or are hoping to refresh your ongoing home, you might be searching for choices for new window treatments. Windows will generally be in a lower priority status with regards to a redesign financial plan, however putting resources into custom shades can totally overhaul the vibe of your home. That makes this redesign quite possibly of the best choice you can make while hoping to expand the worth of your home.

Peruse on to perceive how Clearview Shutters can assist Utah mortgage holders with modifying the ideal screens for each window in their home.

The best materials. Browse Basswood or Birch for your custom window treatments. These quality materials will give you strength and tastefulness that makes certain to fulfill you for a long time to come.

Variety coordinating. Regardless of what style you have in your home, Clearview Screens can match your shades so they fit in impeccably. Any stain or variety can be coordinated so your new screens mix immaculately with the remainder of your home.

Custom window treatments for all shapes and sizes.

Windows don’t generally arrive in an ideal square or square shape. At the point when you’re confronted with a strangely molded window, you might think about what choices you have. Anything that shapes you’re confronted with, Clearview Shutters can help. From round windows to chalet-style windows, any window can be fitted with custom screens.

Development. As the first makers of the secret slant pole, Clearview Shades give the best creative arrangements. In the event that you don’t need your view clouded by slant poles, pick the secret slant bar choice and have full perspective on the scene.

Likewise, split slant bar choice will give you security in the appropriate spots without totally obstructing light into your room. This is an extraordinary answer for restrooms, film rooms, and that’s just the beginning.

Assuming you’re in Utah searching for custom shades for your home, look no farther than Clearview Shutters and Blinds. Reach us today to get your customized gauge.

Are Roller Shades Ideal?


Since the mid-century current structural development of the ’50s and ’60s, our longing for greater windows and a captivating view keeps on developing. It’s to be expected, taking into account that the window gives an extraordinary kind of workmanship, outlining the view outside and featuring the magnificence of nature.

Roller shades are the ideal treatment to accomplish this look via consistently mixing into the window and turning into a piece of the engineering. Their thin profile and negligible, current plan settle on them the ideal decision for rooms that require a treatment that upgrades to the stylistic layout, however doesn’t distract from the view.

When considered a fundamental, utilitarian window covering, roller shades are currently accessible in a large number of materials, examples, and surfaces. The vinyl roller shades of days past have been patched up to uncover a captivating shade with a sharp design sense. There are such countless materials accessible to look over that they nearly rival curtain in choice. Because of their intrinsically insignificant nature, roller shades will generally be disregarded for additional vigorous medicines like roman shades or curtain. Yet, it is this very nature that makes them an optimal contender for so many plan styles, both independent and layered. Roller shades easily mix into any room.
Using an all-white plan idea is ideally suited for a perfect, insignificant hope to permit the outside to sparkle. In any case, a white roller doesn’t need to be plain and essential, albeit that choice functions too. Consider surface or a tone-on-tone example to add detail and interest to this insignificant assertion.

Picking an improving valance will additionally upgrade the compositional detail in the room while keeping up with least effect. To make a milder look, choose a texture valance for dress the window and mix a plan component that is current and stylish. A utilitarian planned room is the ideal style for a base effect metal belt or, for the genuine moderate, no headrail or valance by any means. All things considered, roller shades are a “no ruffle” window treatment.

In spite of the fact that roller shades can remain solitary, and look very sharp doing as such, they are the ideal ally to the curtain. The different determination of textures in the two medicines makes for a coordinate with vast conceivable outcomes and brings the most ideal scenario together. Matching the utilitarian, moderate nature of roller conceals with adapted, brightening curtain makes an extraordinary differentiation of contrary energies, yet additionally fills in as structure and capability while window dressing. Adding curtains to the window guarantees that there is dependably an edge of texture to add non-abrasiveness to the room, while layering a roller shade under adds light control that can be raised or brought down no sweat that can’t be found while pulling separated wraps.

When done appropriately, this is a perky method for building character and up the wow factor in a room.
Presently you know how adaptable and simple roller shades can be. Awaken your windows today with brand new roller shades.