Three of Our Favorite Designs and Installations of Custom Shutters


At Clearview Shutters, we install shutters frequently and enjoy witnessing the changes each property through. A home’s atmosphere can be significantly transformed by adding new custom shutters, whether to bring it into the present decade or to suit the stylistic feel of a particular space. Read on to discover some of our favorite shutter designs and installations from the previous few years if you need some ideas for new shutters.

Old-growth Wood Shutters
We received a request for custom shutters in 2014, but they weren’t made from any of our standard wood options. Old barn wood that belonged to this client in Park City was intended to be used to create incredibly personalized shutters. The outcome was great because we were up to the challenge. With the addition of these window treatments, this rustic bathroom transformed from lovely to extravagant in the nicest possible way.

External Shutters
This kind of exterior shutters isn’t normally what comes to mind when thinking of exterior shutters. But this project is just a favorite since it demonstrates the variety of demands we can fulfill. To ensure the utmost privacy, this client asked for shades for their patio. We have a solution for any project, whether it is inside or outside.

We enjoy looking at our before and after pictures to see the improvements we’ve made to people’s homes. You will notice and experience a change in a home’s worth right away. We are inspired to continue offering our Utah consumers high-quality shutters and service because we adore the pride people have in their houses once we’re done.

Contact us right away if you want to use one of our preferred shutter designs to completely remodel your home. We are prepared to assist in creating a space in your home that you can enjoy for years to come and have years of experience to back us up.

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