Window Treatments That Work Best in Houses with Young Children

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You might be wondering what the finest window treatments are for your house if you have kids. It’s a legitimate issue, whether you’re concerned about the security of your children or the long-term effectiveness of your treatments. Here are the main explanations for why custom shutters are the ideal window coverings for families with young children in Utah.

With good reason, many parents have long been quite concerned about child safety and window coverings. Custom shutters have to be your top option if you’re concerned about the security of your kids and your window coverings.

Naturally, installing bespoke shutters in your home poses no safety risks because there are no cords to pull. Knowing that you don’t need to purchase specialized equipment in order to keep hazardous cords out of the way will give you complete piece of mind.

When purchasing window treatments, we all want to be sure they’ll last. That entails standing up to regular use as well as sporadic kid abuse. Blinds that are too thin might easily lose their shape and need to be completely replaced. Children who are curious can also unravel or rip Roman shades.

If a child were to break a piece of your shutter, we would be able to replace it as soon as possible because solid wood is far more resistant to the mischief of young children.

Your bespoke wood shutters are simple to clean, even with small, likely chocolate-stained hands. Each nook is accessible since there is enough room between the slats. Additionally, as our custom-made shutters lack a tilt-rod, less obstructions will stand in your way. You’ll enjoy how simple it is to maintain your custom shutters because they are naturally durable and stain-resistant.

When it comes to protecting our kids, we have more than enough to worry about. One of them shouldn’t be worrying about potential dangers in our home. We can assist you if you’re prepared to upgrade to the top window treatments Utah has to offer. Clearview Shutters, which serves homes all around Utah, is prepared to transform your house into a place you can enjoy for many years to come.

Why Solid Wood Shutters Are Your Home’s Best Option


What material should be used for custom wood shutters is one of the final things a person may think about. However, it matters. Choosing the ideal custom shutters for your home depends on your preference for painting or staining. To give you the two greatest materials on the market, we took into account all the possibilities. Continue reading to learn more about the two varieties of wood that Clearview Shutters offers and why one of them would be the ideal option.

Basswood will be your finest option if painted wood shutters are what you want. A fine-grained, light wood with long-lasting beauty and toughness is basswood. Any color in your home can be painted on basswood to match it. Basswood is the ideal option if you decide to paint rather than stain because it can be painted to match any hue in your house.

Alder Wood
One of the most popular woods used in house design is knotty alder. Many property owners desire the depth and distinctive qualities that it adds. Additionally, it is the ideal wood to dye anyway you like. In order to ensure that your new alder wood shutters will properly match any existing stained wood in your home, we may visit and assess it.

Why pick handmade wood shutters over manufactured ones?

We provide wood shutters because they are more resilient, more aesthetically pleasing, and more cost-effective than synthetic alternatives. We are delighted to offer exceptional craftsmanship along with top-notch options because we care about what we place in our customers’ homes.

The best options are available from Clearview Shutters, whether you’re staining or painting. Our products will be durable enough to last a lifetime, or at the very least until you renovate your home again. Let us assess your area and assist you in selecting the solutions that would work best in your house.