Plantation shutters versus. blinds: a few things to think about


There are a number of window treatment alternatives you can choose from if you need new window coverings. For their homes, the majority of individuals choose for blinds or window shutters. Although price is frequently the primary determinant of which to select, there are a few additional factors you should take into account before making a significant buy. Here are our key factors to compare when deciding between blinds and plantation shutters:

Additional Value

There is still no comparison to the additional value of plantation shutters, even while wood blinds might increase the value of your home a little more than faux wood or mini blinds. One of the best improvements you can make to your property to raise its value is installing custom wood shutters. Plantation shutters are the best option if you want to invest in your house in a way that will last for many years.


Custom shutters will add value to your home in addition to the fact that they simply look fantastic. When it comes to custom shutters in opulent house design, there is nothing to compare. In a manner that no other window treatment can, plantation shutters completely alter the look and feel of a space. With personalized window shutters, you’ll also raise the appeal of your house if you ever decide to sell it. Little upgrades like custom shutters can have a significant impact on a buyer’s decision when they are deciding between your house and the one across the street.


The fact that plantation window shutters are built to last will further attract buyers. Shutters made of solid wood are more durable than their rivals. It implies that your one-time investment will pay off over time.

You are better prepared to choose between blinds and plantation shutters now that you are aware of some of the distinctions between the two. Give us a call right away if you’re prepared to add bespoke shutters to your property to improve its appearance and worth. Since 1989, Clearview Shutters has been enhancing houses along the Wasatch Front, and we are prepared to assist you in turning your house into a place you can enjoy for many years to come.

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