Arched Window Treatments: Available Options


You might be asking what the greatest options for arched windows are if you want to upgrade to custom window treatments. First, think about how the arched window is shaped. The size and the type of style statement you want to make with your home must also be taken into account. With so many options available to you, Clearview Shutters is here to try to assist you in finding the finest answers for your predicament.

Sunburst Design

Sunburst shutters are a common design option. They extend from a center point at the bottom of the window in a lovely sunburst pattern as they follow the arch of the window.

Standard Design

Another common choice for huge arched windows that can be viewed as more modern is a standard design shutter. Like every other shutter in your home, this type is made of one piece and is customized to match your arched window. You won’t have to deal with various parts for a single window because all the louvres will operate simultaneously. Since each arched window is unique, you should get advice from a reputable shutter business so that they can make shutters that precisely match your arched window.

Open Arch

Another choice is to add shutters to your window’s lower portion while leaving the arched portion unoccupied. This is a fantastic option if the arch is high enough that privacy isn’t an issue. The entire window will be covered for a perfect, polished appearance. The natural light that is produced by this choice is also beloved by many homeowners.

Call for a free quote right away if you’re ready to see how Clearview Shutters can improve your house. We can assist you if you require solutions for arched windows or any other unusually shaped windows. Since 1989, we’ve been providing Utah with the best custom shutter design and innovation.

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