3 Ways Utah Custom Window Coverings Liven Up A Home

utah custom window coverings

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your home decor. Window covering redesigns are a fun way to bring a new, fun flavor to any room in your house. Utah custom window coverings are especially popular because of the numerous options for design. All across the Beehive state, unique window coverings are being used as a great way to showcase personality.

Brightened Interiors

As the days get longer and more full of sunlight, adding window shutters will help you bring the feeling of Spring indoors. You’ll be able to soak up extra Vitamin D while sitting at your window.

An unexpected benefit of bringing more sunlight into a room is that it allows you to keep more houseplants alive. Plants are popular right now among interior design specialists because they improve indoor air quality and reduce stress. They also make your home feel more alive, which is the perfect thing for this season. As you let more light in with custom window coverings, you’ll see your indoor plants thrive.

Vintage Appeal of Plantation Shutters

If your home’s interiors have felt a bit dull and dreary lately, one of the best ways to shake up the decor is to look to designs from the past. Plantation shutters got their name from the plantation-style homes in colonial America, but they have become very popular among home designers. They are used to add vintage appeal and a touch of personality to a room.

Wood-Stained Warmth

One of the best options for Utah custom window coverings is to choose a beautiful wood to showcase. The options among wood-stained shutters are nearly endless. With a wide variety of hues and textures, you can find something to match any room in your house. Whatever choice you make, though, will add warmth and coziness to whichever room you are updating.

Wood-stained window coverings invoke the feeling of a cozy mountain cabin when paired with other wood furniture in the room. Alternatively, wood-stained shutters paired with exposed brick walls and modern furniture create an industrial aesthetic, which is also a current favorite among many interior design experts.


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