Best Types of Wood for Interior Window Shutters

wood window shutters

In any home, beautiful wood window shutters stand out. They’re elegant and bring in the light better than other options. If you’re thinking about updating your windows with custom shutters, you have a few things to consider. Choosing custom shutters allows for a lot freedom with design, and the first decision you need to make is which type of wood you will use.

Painted Interior Shutters

If you’re planning to paint your shutters, basswood is an excellent choice. Whether you want a timeless white color or a more quirky color to show off your personality, this type of wood holds paint better than most. In fact because of the durability of this wood, it’s easy to repaint as your taste in color changes.

Because basswood is typically pale white or light brown, the light shade is easy to cover with any color. Knots in this type of wood are highly unusual, which makes it easy to quickly cover the full surface area with paint. Shutters made from this type of wood are some of the most durable. A basswood shutter can potentially last for centuries.

Stained Wood Window Shutters

Stained wood window shutters add a lovely rustic quality to a home. If this is the direction you’re thinking of going, knotty alder wood is perfect for you. Knotty alder wood comes from a tree that grows rapidly in North America. Because of the abundance of these trees, knotty alder is very affordable for a high-quality wood.

Besides being affordable and excellent quality, knotty alder is a popular choice because of its notable beauty. The name knotty alder comes from the wood’s frequent knots. These knots create interesting and rustic designs in the texture. The color usually ranges from pale yellow to a shade of reddish brown. These warm colors make a room feel brighter. The softness of the wood also allows the stain to sink into the pores, creating a shiny or glossy look.

Regardless of your choice in materials, wood shutters are a beautiful addition to any home. Guests will envy the abundance of natural lighting that shutters allow, and you’ll get to enjoy that brightness every day.


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