2020’s Top Home Design Choices: Interior Wooden Window Shutters

interior wooden window shutters

Every year certain design trends sweep through newly built and newly redecorated homes. Whether you’re designing a new dream house or sprucing up your current decor, you’ll want to carefully think through your design choices to ensure you’re in love with the look for years to come. One of the top design choices recommended by experts in the interior decorating field is interior wooden window shutters.

The design choices you make for your interior shutters can tie together the aesthetic of the whole room. Consider some of the following options for your wooden shutters.

Painted White Wood

The most popular color for shutters right now is not even a color at all. White is the perfect color because of its versatility. If you want to add an accent wall and some funky furniture, white shutters won’t be a problem at all. On the other hand, if you’re going for a minimalist-inspired aesthetic, white is ideal. The best part about white shutters is you can easily switch between different aesthetics as styles change and your interests shift.

Interior wooden window shutters that are painted white also brighten up a room. They cause more reflection of light, which makes it feel brighter at every time of day.

Wide Louver Shutters

Shutters with wide louvers are most popular in plantation-style homes, but they can be used in any home to add an old-fashioned aesthetic. This style of shutter is popular right now because it is a way to add a distinctness to your home’s design. Traditional shutters have narrow louvers, and this is what you most commonly see in homes. By adding wood shutters with wide louvers, you’re setting your home apart from all the rest.

The added benefit of wide louvers on your interior wooden window shutters is it allows increased airflow and ventilation. If you’re dealing with a stuffy room, this type of shutter is perfect for you.

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