Don’t Use Curtains to Cover Your Circular Windows. Here Are Three Superior Choices


Windows come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Although it gives homes a lot of individuality, this might make finding window coverings a little challenging. For these kinds of windows, a universal solution frequently falls short. Fortunately, Clearview Shutters can offer specialized, high-quality solutions that properly match whatever form window you might have. There are a few possibilities available if you’re wondering what choices you have with circular windows.

Sunburst Design

Sunburst shutters are a common design option. They create a lovely sunburst pattern that extends from the window’s center point and fit precisely inside the window frame. The louvres can be opened and shut like a typical shutter, offering shade and privacy as needed.

Standard Design

Another common alternative for circular windows that can be viewed as more modern is a standard design shutter. Like every other shutter in your home, this type is made of one piece and is trimmed to fit your circular window. You won’t have to deal with various parts for a single window because all the louvres will operate simultaneously. Since each circular window is unique, you need get advice from a reputable shutter provider so that they can make shutters that precisely match your circular window.


Not all windows require coverings. You might want to just leave your circular window uncovered if you haven’t previously done so. Leaving a window untreated can be advantageous if privacy is not a concern. You can take advantage of your window’s distinctive, lovely form and increased natural light.

Whatever you might require, Clearview has a solution. Since 1989, we have provided exceptional service and local manufacturing to Utah. Make your house a lovely place you can enjoy for a long time with our assistance.

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