Best Shutter Styles For Vintage Homes

shutter styles

Whether you’re the owner of an older home, or you’re simply remodeling in the style of your favorite historic period, you want authenticity. One of the most important pieces of the authenticity puzzle is choosing which of all the shutter styles to use.

Although the style of shutter in your home might seem like a small detail, it can actually make a big difference in achieving a vintage aesthetic. While thinking about how to get your desired look for your home, be sure to think about the following styles.

Wooden Shutters

Although the very earliest window shutters found in Ancient Greece were made of marble, nearly all shutter styles in the following centuries were made of wood. Other types of synthetic materials have become popular only very recently.

Depending on which period’s style you are replicating, the proper type of wood can vary. For example, during the Victorian era, solid pine shutters were popular. If you are restoring a Victorian home, you may want to consider using this same type of wood.

Custom Shutters

Almost all window shutters used to be made by hand. Each home had shutters custom made to match in a style that matched the home. As a result, most of the homes looked unique.

Homeowners aiming for a vintage look should install shutters that match the style of the home and appear unique. It’s important for the color, material, and style of the shutters to appear authentic. The easiest way to achieve that is to have your window shutters custom-made.

Louvered Shutters

Louvers were invented in the middle ages very practical reasons like keeping out rain, but letting in air and light. They remained very popular in architecture for centuries. If your home is over one hundred years old, or if you are decorating in an old style, louvers are a must.

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