Real Wood vs Faux Wood Shutters: The Pros and Cons

real wood vs faux wood shutters

Adding window shutters to your home can be a significant investment. So it is crucial to choose the right shutters for your home. You may consider choosing faux wood shutters to save on costs, but there are significant differences between real wood vs faux wood shutters. So what should you consider before buying one or the other?

Wooden Window Shutters

Genuine wood shutters are, of course, comprised of real wood. Solid wood has an elegant look that cannot be matched by faux wood. They will elevate any room in your home on their own. Also, staining your shutters to a specific shade can only be accomplished by real wood shutters.

Even though they may cost a little more, the return on value will be greater than faux wood shutters. Their quality and genuinity can be a huge selling point if you were to ever put your home on the market. 


Faux Wood Shutters

Faux wood shutters are attractive to budget-conscious homeowners, but they come with a payoff. The shutters on the cheapest end sometimes come with structural and durability issues. If you were to ever sell your home, a buyer might be put off by the lack of quality. Faux wood shutters often come with deeper grooves to mimic genuine wood, making them hard to clean. In a large home full of shutters, it can make dusting a taxing chore.

Of course, faux wood shutters have their pros, too. Besides being a little easier on the wallet, they’re also better for humid climates. Real wood shutters are susceptible to warping, potentially ruining your large investment. Take your climate into consideration when choosing between real wood and faux wood shutters.


If you have more questions about the pros and cons of real wood vs faux wood shutters, contact Clearview Shutters today. With over 30 years in business, we can help design shutters for your home that you can enjoy for years to come.

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  1. Eileen Benson
    Eileen Benson says:

    It made sense when you said that the quality of wooden window shutters means they have a good return on investment value. My husband and I want to choose shutters for our single-family home so we can have more control over the level of light. I’m glad I read your article and learned why investing in wood shutters would be a good choice!


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