Don’t Use Curtains to Cover Your Circular Windows. Here Are Three Superior Choices


Windows come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Although it gives homes a lot of individuality, this might make finding window coverings a little challenging. For these kinds of windows, a universal solution frequently falls short. Fortunately, Clearview Shutters can offer specialized, high-quality solutions that properly match whatever form window you might have. There are a few possibilities available if you’re wondering what choices you have with circular windows.

Sunburst Design

Sunburst shutters are a common design option. They create a lovely sunburst pattern that extends from the window’s center point and fit precisely inside the window frame. The louvres can be opened and shut like a typical shutter, offering shade and privacy as needed.

Standard Design

Another common alternative for circular windows that can be viewed as more modern is a standard design shutter. Like every other shutter in your home, this type is made of one piece and is trimmed to fit your circular window. You won’t have to deal with various parts for a single window because all the louvres will operate simultaneously. Since each circular window is unique, you need get advice from a reputable shutter provider so that they can make shutters that precisely match your circular window.


Not all windows require coverings. You might want to just leave your circular window uncovered if you haven’t previously done so. Leaving a window untreated can be advantageous if privacy is not a concern. You can take advantage of your window’s distinctive, lovely form and increased natural light.

Whatever you might require, Clearview has a solution. Since 1989, we have provided exceptional service and local manufacturing to Utah. Make your house a lovely place you can enjoy for a long time with our assistance.

Honeycomb Shades – Pros and Cons


Honeycomb shades have become very well known as of late. Their clever cell configuration help shut out the external temperature and even clamor. Nonetheless, similarly as with any advancement in dependable advances, there are the two advantages and disadvantages to honeycomb window treatments. Assuming you’re hoping to refresh your window medicines, make certain to peruse this speedy aide prior to pursuing your decision!

The Advantages and disadvantages of Honeycomb Shades – Contingent upon your way of life, where you live, and your style, honeycomb shades might be the ideal window treatment for your home. Nonetheless, the inverse can straightforwardly be said. Not certain where you stand? Investigate every one of the advantages and disadvantages of these cell planned window treatments.

Significant Protection
Honeycomb shades offer an astonishing lift to your window protection. Indeed, even with profoundly financially well disposed windows, it’s almost difficult to keep the virus out throughout the colder time of year and the intensity out throughout the late spring. In view of their shrewd cell configuration, honeycomb shades deal and additional support or layer of protection to assist with controlling the temperature in your home.

More Noteworthy Security
While large numbers of us are sensitive to ghetto living or even rural living, it doesn’t mean we don’t in any case need protection. Individuals strolling or driving in the area can make things abnormal when they peer into your windows. Honeycomb window treatments, when pulled down to the window ledge offer 100% protection through and through – no breaks or breaks in the blinds for meddlesome eyes.

Helps Block Out Commotion
One more astonishing advantage to the cell plan of honeycomb blinds is its inborn capacity to shut out clamor. While these blinds are in no way, shape or form soundproof, they really do add an additional layer of quietness to your home by hosing the different commotions from outside.

Thin and Stackable
Frequently, when you take a gander at items that proposition noise decrease and additional protection, you track down cumbersome, weighty things. On account of honeycomb blinds, the inverse is valid. Honeycomb blinds are dainty and stack minimally when raised. They are thin and smooth, giving them an extremely spotless and fresh look whether drawn or raised.

Cleaning Is More Troublesome
Sadly, despite the fact that honeycomb shades can be made of different sorts of texture, none consider the basic clean you’d view as in plastic or wood blinds. They gather dust and might be stained. Because of their design, cleaning can be troublesome and may try and require pulling them down and tenderly washing them in the bath.

Not the Most Stylish
As far as style, honeycomb blinds aren’t probably going to win any honors. Notwithstanding, their fashion less plan makes them so staggering concerning protection. Assuming that inside plan is the main piece of your home, cell shades may not be your most ideal decision.

No Customizable Regular Lighting
Honeycomb conceals accompany a second difficult situation. While their strength gives awesome security, it likewise restrains your capacity to control how much regular light you need coming in through your windows. You have two options – win big or bust.

Searching for Window Solutions like Honeycomb Shades?

Assuming you’re hoping to tidy up your home with new window treatments, we take care of you. We have all that from blinds, shades, and shutters. Investigate our choices to see what best accommodates your plan tastes.