Window Treatment Solutions for Arched Windows

solutions for arched windows

When looking to upgrade to custom window treatments, you may be wondering what the best solutions for arched windows are. You’ll fist have to consider the shape of the arched window. You’ll also have to consider the size and what kind of design statement you’re trying to make in your house. With all these decisions at your fingertips, Clearview Shutters is here to try to help you find the best solutions for your situation.


Sunburst Design

A popular design choice are sunburst shutters. They follow the flow of the window’s arch, creating a beautiful sunburst design that extends from a center point at the bottom of the window. 



Standard Design

For large arched windows, another popular option – and one that can be considered more modern – is a standard design shutter. This type of shutter is one piece, just like any of the other shutters in your home, but cut to fit your arched window. All the louvres will work in unison so you’re not dealing with multiple components for just one window. Since every arched window is different, you’ll want to consult with a professional shutter company, who can create shutters to perfectly fit your arched window.


Open Arch

Another option is to install shutters on the lower part of your window and leave the arched section empty. If the arch is high enough that privacy isn’t a concern, this is a great solution. The entire window will be encased for a flawless, professional look. Many homeowners also enjoy the natural light this option produces.

If you’re ready to see how Clearview Shutters can transform your home, call for a free quote today. Whether you need solutions for arched windows, or any other uniquely shaped windows, we’re available to give help. We’ve been serving Utah since 1989, leading in custom shutter design and innovation.

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