Don’t Cover Your Circular Windows With Curtains. Here Are 3 Better Options

circular windows

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. This makes for great character in homes, but can make finding window treatments a little difficult. Usually a one-size fits all solution doesn’t quite work for these types of windows. Luckily, Clearview Shutters can provide custom, quality solutions to perfectly fit any shaped window you might have. If you’re wondering what options you have with circular windows, then you have a few options to choose from.


Sunburst Design

A popular design choice are sunburst shutters. They fit perfectly within your window frame, creating a beautiful sunburst design that extends from a center point of the window. They louvres can be opened and closed just as any standard shutter, providing privacy and shade when you need it.


Standard Design

For circular windows, another popular option – and one that can be considered more modern – is a standard design shutter. This type of shutter is one piece, just like any of the other shutters in your home, but is cut to fit your circular window. All the louvres will work in unison so you’re not dealing with multiple components for just one window. Since every circular window is different, you’ll want to consult with a professional shutter company, who can create shutters to perfectly fit your circular window.



Not every window needs a covering. If you haven’t already considered it, you may just want to leave your circular window without any covering. When privacy isn’t a factor, leaving a window without any treatment can be a benefit. You can enjoy additional natural sunlight and the unique, beautiful shape of your window.


Whatever your needs may be, Clearview has the answer. We’ve been serving Utah since 1989, with local manufacturing and excellent service. Let us help you make your home a beautiful space you can enjoy for a long time.

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