3 of Our Favorite Custom Shutter Designs and Installs

shutters before and after

At Clearview Shutters, we do a lot of installs and we love seeing the transformations in each home. New custom shutters can completely change the feel of a home, whether that means bringing it into the current decade or supporting the stylistic feel of a room. If you’re looking for some inspiration as you’re searching for new shutters, read on to see our favorite shutter designs and installations of the past few years.

Reclaimed Wood Shutters

In 2014 we had a request for custom shutters, but not with any of our usual wood choices. This client in park city had some old barn wood that they wanted to use to make into very custom shutters. We were up to the task and the result was amazing. This rustic bathroom went from beautiful to over-the-top in the best way with these shutters!




 Outdoor Shutters

When you think of Exterior Shutters, this type isn’t typically what comes to mind. But this project is simply a favorite because it shows the range of requests we receive and can accommodate. This client requested shutters on their patio for maximum privacy. Whether your project is inside or out, we have a solution for you.



shutters before and afterAll the Before + Afters

We love going through our before and after photos to see the changes we’ve made in people’s homes. Instantly, you will see and feel a difference in the value of a home. We love the pride people have for their homes once we’re done and that’s what keeps motivating us to provide quality shutters and service for our customers in Utah.




If you’re ready to transform your home with one of our favorite shutter designs contact us today. We have years of experience backing us up and are ready to help make your home a space you can enjoy for years to come.




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