Why Solid Wood Shutters Are the Best Option for Your Home

wood shutters

One of the last things a person may consider when choosing custom wood shutters is what material they should be made of. But it matters. Whether you want to paint or stain—it all makes a difference when choosing the perfect custom shutters for your home. We have considered all the options to provide you with the two best materials available. Read on to see the two wood types Clearview Shutters offers and why one of these options would be the best choice.



If you’ve decided on painted wood shutters, basswood is going to be the best choice for you. Basswood is a fine-grained, lightweight wood that will provide years of elegance and durability. Basswood can be painted to match any color in your home and is the best option when choosing to paint rather than stain.


Alder wood

Knotty alder is one of the most popular wood choices when it comes to home design. It adds a layer of depth and unique characteristics that many homeowners desire. It is also the perfect wood to stain to your preference. We can come evaluate any existing stained wood in your home to make sure your new alder wood shutters will match perfectly.

Why choose custom wood shutters over man-made materials?

We offer wood shutters for a few reasons: they’re durable, they’re elegant and they have a better return on investment than man-made varieties. We care about what we put in our customers’ homes and are proud to offer supreme craftsmanship along with high-quality options.


Whether you’re staining or painting, Clearview Shutters can provide you with the highest quality options. Our materials will provide durability to last a lifetime — or at least until your next home renovation. Let us evaluate your space and help you decide what options would work the best for your home.


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