Choosing Custom Shutters for French Doors and Sliding Glass Doors

shutters for french doors

Sliding and french glass doors are common in most homes but usually come with a lack of privacy. If you’re trying to find window treatment options for an exterior glass door in your home, you may think your only choices are curtains or – heaven forbid – vertical blinds. But have no fear, there are much more tasteful options to choose from. You can keep up with your modern and elegant decor by choosing customized shutters for French doors and sliding glass doors.


Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors

Many people are unaware that this option exists. So forget those outdated vertical blinds for your sliding glass door and opt for customized shutters instead. Just like your sliding glass door, they’re set up on a track to easily slide open for easy entry or closed for complete privacy. You won’t need to deal with curtains that are always in the way or unsightly vertical blinds.


Shutters for French doors

French doors are meant to be beautiful statements in a home. Covering them up with curtains or mini blinds for privacy would be a shame. Luckily, you can install custom shutters instead. This ensures that you still have elegant looking doors, with much more privacy.


Wood options for exterior door shutters

If you choose to have painted shutters for your exterior doors, our basswood shutters are the best option. You can choose from any color you desire to match with your current decor. If you would prefer to stain instead, we suggest using alder wood. We can match any stain you desire, including any current stained wood in your home. Alder wood offers beautiful grain and depth that is highly desired in home design.


Clearview Shutters is Utah’s trusted custom shutter designer. We create completely custom shutters for any situation and can help you make the best decision for your home. Contact us today for a free quote on shutters for exterior doors!


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