Specialty Shutters for Uniquely-Shaped Windows

specialty shutters

Buying the old victorian with the unique windows may have seemed like a good idea at the time. But now that you need window treatments, you’re probably wondering what you were thinking. Not every window is equal, and hat can be cause of a lot of headache when trying to find a solution for window treatments. Curtains are usually the first solution that comes to mind. But the shape of curtains can work against the design of a uniquely-shaped window. Luckily, specialty shutters is a great solution for this common issue. 

Read on to see why specialty shutters are the best option for your uniquely-shaped windows.


Options for oval and circle windows

Oval and circle windows are perfect candidates for custom shutters. A special type of shutter, called a sunburst shutter can fit these window shapes, giving you privacy and an elegant look that will increase your home’s value.


Specialty shutters for arched windows

For a window with an arch top, there’s not really a way to make semi-custom shades work. And curtains would most likely work against the design of the window.

Whether your window is one complete arch or has a small arch at the top of a square design, custom shutters will work best for either case. 

If you decide that the top arch of your windows doesn’t need shutters, you can always use specialty shutters on the lower portion. That way, you can show off that custom stained or leaded glass on top.


So don’t worry about what you’re going to do about your uniquely-shaped windows. Clearview Shutters has your back with a wide range of affordable options that can keep your home looking its best. We can match any color or stain in your home for the most custom look available. Contact us today for your free quote!

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