Custom Shutters – The Secret Weapon When Trying to Increase Home Value

increase home value

After the recession, the housing market began to climb again and it didn’t seem like it would ever stop. Thanks to low prices and interest rates, homes were in high demand, selling within a day of being on the market. A lot of the times, selling for more than asking price. Gone were the days that you could think about a house for a few days before making an offer. Buyers usually had to make a decision right away. And sellers were able to list their homes without really having to think of ways to increase home value first.


Fast-Forward to Present

Within the last year or so, the housing market in Utah has begun to cool. With a combination of high prices and interest rates, houses are no longer flying off the market. We’re back to seeing homes on the market for days – or weeks – at a time. If you’re worried about selling your home in a timely manner, you may be wondering what you can do to increase its value and attractiveness to buyers in Utah.


The Secret Weapon

There are plenty of things homebuyers do to upgrade their homes when they’re getting ready to sell. Many don’t require a huge investment. But with everyone doing the same thing, how can you make your home stand out and increase home value?

Our answer: shutters. Shutters are said to be furniture for your windows. And as far as window furniture goes, we have the cadillac of the bunch.

Plantation shutters take your home from nice to magazine-worthy. When a buyer sees shutters in a home, they automatically assume that a home is worth more because it has such a great investment built in. They know they won’t have to worry about finding window treatments for a long time, because shutters are durable and timeless. When buyers are debating between your home and the one down the street, they have one more reason to choose yours.

Not only will your home be more attractive to buyers, but they give your home actual value on paper, too. You can increase home value up to 2% just by having custom shutters installed, which is enough to make the investment a no-brainer.


Complete Shutters has been serving Utah since 1989 with innovative design and unbeatable customer service. Call us to see how we can increase home value and make your home a space you can enjoy for years to come.


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