How Window Coverings Make Or Break A Room

Window Coverings

When decorating a room, the small details are typically the most important. You may think something like window coverings will not be as noticeable as the color of paint or furniture choices. What most people don’t realize, however, is that window coverings are one of the biggest influences on how people feel in a room.

High quality shutters or blinds add elegance and warmth. On the other hand, cheap blinds that have faded and broken over time bring to mind old office buildings with buzzing, fluorescent lights. It’s not exactly the vibe you want in a home.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can ensure your window coverings are creating the atmosphere you want in your home. Pay attention to these details while choosing how to decorate your windows.

Pay Attention To Height and Width

If you want to create the illusion that a room is more spacious and luxurious than it really is, play with the height of your window coverings. The higher and wider you make your blinds, drapes, or curtains, the more spacious the room will feel. It makes your windows seem larger, which is always a positive in a room.

Vary Your Window Coverings

Different styles work for different rooms, so don’t assume that all window coverings in your house need to be uniform. In fact, it’s better to choose different styles for as many rooms as possible. Wood shutters and blinds are perfect for adding natural lighting at the same time as privacy, while sheer curtains might work in kitchen, front entry way, or other public space.

Choose Materials Carefully

It’s better to spend more on real or faux wood shutters than to have to constantly replace broken plastic blinds. Budget blinds tend to change colors with the sunlight, causing windows to quickly look dingy and cheap.

You may save more money in the long term by choosing the high-quality option because nice shutters can increase the value of your home. Not only that, but they also typically last a lifetime, so you will avoid unnecessary future purchases.


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