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These 3 Doors In Your Home Could Use Plantation Shutters

increase home value

Plantation shutters aren’t only meant for the windows in your home. Using them on glass doors in your home will deliver a seamless look in your home’s design and increase your home’s perceived – and actual – value. Here are the three types of doors in your home where shutters would work best.


sliding door shutters1. Sliding Glass Doors

Far from the typical choice for sliding glass doors, shutters are actually a practical and aesthetically-pleasing addition. They work much like your sliding glass doors, sliding on tracks to open and close. And the louvers can be opened when you need natural light. They are also space-efficient and stay out of the way, unlike fussy curtains. Not to mention, they modernize your home, much opposite to vertical blinds. 


increase home value2. Front Door With Sidelights

It’s often hard to find window treatments for sidelights because of their irregular shape. Plantation shutters offer a custom solution for your front entryway. Not only will they elevate your front entryway with their elegance, they’re also practical. When you aren’t worried about privacy, you can leave them open for natural light. At night, and when you need privacy, you’re able to close them fully. 


3. French Doors and Double Doors

If you have French Doors, they just beg to be treated properly. French Doors are a high-end feature and placing basic window treatments on them defeats their purpose. Plantation shutters are the perfect complement to these upgraded doors.

While there has been an increase in integrated blinds for double doors, they’re not the best choice for many households. First, if the blinds come off the track for any reason, you will be unable to fix them yourself. This makes them especially unfitting for homes with curious children. 



If you have glass doors in your home that need window treatments, consider plantation shutters. They’re versatile, elegant, and sure to make a statement in your home.

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