Indications That Your Blinds or Shutters Need to be Replaced


If renovations to your home are planned for this summer, you might not know where to start. Your outdated blinds or shutters are a wonderful place to start. You might not be aware of how your window coverings affect the aesthetics of your house as a whole. Giving them additional consideration might alter the atmosphere in the entire house. You might even come to the conclusion that not many other aspects of your house need to be changed in order to achieve the fresh, modern vibe you’re going for. Here are some of the main explanations why you might need new blinds or shutters.

Significant wear and tear is present.

There are a few issues that blinds frequently have. The slats could be broken or even bent. Your blinds are more vulnerable to full breakage due to these cracks and bends. This will result in a loss of privacy as well as your blinds allowing in light when they shouldn’t. Broken tilt rods or louvers can also be a problem with old shutters. It goes without saying that getting new blinds and shutters should be one of your top priority if your current ones are past their prime.

They are Old.

If you’re fortunate enough to not experience the aforementioned problems, you might only require a change. Older houses are infamous for their dubious interior design choices. You might have noticed that the shutters in your home haven’t kept up with the most recent fashion trends. Bring your home into 2019 with some bespoke wood shutters if the rest of the decor is outdated paint or wood hues. To ensure that the design of your home flows as you intended, Clearview Shutters may match any stain or color that you’d like.

Clearview Shutters will assist you if you’re prepared to replace your blinds or outdated shutters with stunning custom shutters. With more than 20 years of experience servicing Utah, we have the expertise you need to accomplish your home renovation.

Best Utah Custom Shutters


Look no farther if you want the greatest custom shutters in Utah. Clearview Shutters is prepared to make your home into a stunning area you can enjoy for years to come thanks to its years of experience and ingenuity. The following are the variations you can anticipate from Clearview:

High-quality components
We exclusively work with top-notch products since we only want what is best for our clients. For your particular project, we provide sturdy wood that is personalized. We will visit your property to make sure the proper materials are utilized so your shutters are precisely matched to the specifications you require, whether you want to paint or stain them.

Licensed Installation
When you order from Clearview Shutters, you won’t have to worry about having to measure and install your own shutters. You don’t want to entrust such a costly investment to the family member who calls himself helpful. You won’t ever have to worry about the integrity of your installation or whether your new shutters will fit precisely if you leave the crucial stuff to us.

Quality Assurance
Speaking of honesty, we want to make sure that your satisfaction with your custom shutters is constant. You can phone us at any time if you have a problem, and we’ll get there as soon as possible to take care of you.

In addition to everything said above, we are local to Utah, so you can find and contact us at any time without having to search for a shady web presence. As a Utah-based business, we value your patronage and are eager to earn it.

If you’re prepared to improve your home, let us assist you in making your vision a reality. You can count on receiving the greatest custom shutters for your home from Clearview Shutters in Utah. A home you can enjoy for many years to come is guaranteed by your new custom shutters.

Choosing Specialized Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors and French Doors


In most homes, sliding and french glass doors are prevalent, although they frequently lack privacy. You might believe your only alternatives are vertical blinds or, God forbid, drapes if you’re looking for window treatment solutions for an outside glass door in your home. But do not worry; there are many more stylish options available. By selecting specialized shutters for French doors and sliding glass doors, you can maintain the look of your contemporary and opulent design.

Sliding glass door shutters
Many people are not aware that this choice is available. Therefore, choose unique utah shutters for your sliding glass door instead of the outmoded vertical blinds. They’re set up on a track, just like your sliding glass door, so they can easily glide open for convenient entry or closed for total seclusion. You won’t have to worry with vertical blinds that are ugly or drapes that are constantly in the way.

For French doors, use specialized shutters

French doors are designed to make a stunning statement about a house. It would be a shame to hide them behind small blinds or curtains for privacy. Fortunately, you can substitute custom shutters. You will still have beautiful doors with considerably greater privacy thanks to this.

Alternatives for wood shutters on exterior doors
Our basswood shutters are the ideal alternative if you decide to have painted shutters for your external doors. To fit your current decor, you can pick whatever color you like. Alder wood is recommended if you’d rather dye rather. Any stain you like, including any already-stained wood in your house, can be matched by us. Alder wood has a lovely grain and depth, which are highly valued in interior design.

The reputable custom shutter designer in Utah is Clearview Shutters. We can assist you in making the finest choice for your home and develop fully specialized shutters for every occasion. For a free estimate on external door shutters, get in touch with us right away!