Upgrade to Plantation Shutters to Increase Your Home’s Desirability in This Market

upgrade to plantation shutters

The housing market is finally starting to slow down. And while that may be great news for homebuyers in Utah, it also means slower sales and lower sales prices for home sellers. So what can you do to beat the home-selling blues this summer? If you’re looking to sell, there are various upgrades you can invest in to make your home more desirable. Even if you sell at a lower cost so that others could fix it up to their desires, a lot of people prefer a move-in ready home. They will pay a bit extra for someone else to do the work. One of the best decisions you can make is to upgrade to plantation shutters. Here’s why:


Home Value

An upgrade to planation shutters is one of the greatest return on investments you can get. Not only are you actually raising your home value, but you’re also increasing its desirability. When it comes to choosing a home, many homebuyers remember the way a home made them feel. The best thing you can hope for is a buyer who creates some kind of emotional attachment with your home. Small, desirable upgrades that they wouldn’t consider doing on their own are reasons why buyers get attached to homes. A home made beautiful with custom plantation shutters is sure to create an experience a buyer remembers. And it might be the reason they choose your home from the one down the street.


A Maintained Appearance

Not only does it increase the beauty of your home, it also makes your home seem more cared for. When you keep up on cosmetic appearances and upgrades, it lets buyers know you care about your home. They’re more likely to assume that you’ve kept up with the more important things like electrical and plumbing maintenance. These are big points that can make or break a home sale.


If you’re looking to sell your home soon and want to increase its desirability, consider an upgrade to plantation shutters. Clearview Shutters has been serving Utah since 1989, leading the industry in innovation and design.

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