Replace Your Vertical Blinds With Sliding Door Shutters For A Modern Look

sliding door shutters

Homeowners often feel like they’re stuck with the same window treatment options for sliding doors. The two most common are either curtains or vertical blinds. Unfortunately, those options aren’t always the best solution for privacy and sometimes leave much to be desired as far as aesthetics. So what other options are there? A little known solution is to have custom sliding door shutters installed. 


How Do Sliding Door Shutters Work?

Many people don’t know these types of shutters even exist because and some don’t understand how they work. Just like your sliding doors, custom sliding door shutters are built on a special track. You simply slide one in front of the other to open and close, just as you do with your sliding doors. It’s as simple as that.


They’ll Fit Perfectly

WIth custom sliding door shutters, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit. That means no gaps to compromise the privacy of your home. You’re also more likely to block out unwanted sun and heat or cold. That’s because they’re better at insulating than curtains or vertical blinds. Also, excessive sunlight over time can damage furniture and flooring. You’re doing your home a favor by using shutters to protect your home’s interior from outside elements. 


They Look Amazing

The greatest benefit of sliding door shutters is how great they look. Vertical blinds are outdated and not the best-looking option. And while curtains can definitely blend in with your home’s decor, nothing beats the elegance of custom shutters. Your shutters will make a statement in your home and bring its elegance to a new level. Also, if your home is already fitted with plantation shutters, you’ll appreciate the uniformity of having the same window treatments throughout. 


They’re in It for the Long-Haul

Another consideration is the longevity that comes with well-constructed plantation shutters. You can be sure that by hiring a professional company to install your sliding door shutters, you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come. You’ll also benefit from having them custom painted or stained so that they’ll fit in right in with your current colorways. 


If you’re looking for the best window treatment solution for your sliding doors, consider custom shutters. Shutters are not limited to windows and you’ll be surprised by the difference sliding door shutters can make in your own home!


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