Elevate Your Space by Choosing Planation Shutters for French Doors

shutters for french doors

There are certain home designs you can choose to make a statement. Vaulted ceilings, large windows, and French doors are some of those designs. So when you’re choosing window treatments for something like French doors, not anything will do. You need to remain in the same level of elegance to carry the flow of your home and the style that your french doors were intended to portray. That’s why plantation shutters for French doors are your best option for window treatments. 


The Issue with Other Window Treatments

Curtains can be picked or made to match the design of your home, but while effective, they are only going to mask the beauty of French doors. Roman shades are not the most elegant option for French doors either. Integrated blinds are becoming popular options for French doors, but run the risk of being easily damaged, especially when there are children in the home. This usually means that a specialized technician would have to come to your home to fix your blinds and restore your privacy. 


The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

The first reason you may consider plantation shutters for your French doors is because of style. They look great and make your space immediately look more elegant.  This is why plantation shutters are one of the most popular home improvement options to increase home value. Their ability to elevate your space is unmatched by other window treatments. 

Solid wood plantation shutters are also very durable. And when they’re manufactured locally, you can be sure that extra time and dedication went into making a high-quality product that will last for years to come.


Choose Professional Installation

If you decide that your French doors need plantation shutters, you can take the next step by contacting a local shutter company. With a local company, you don’t have to wait for extended periods to get issues resolved. You can also be sure that everything will fit perfectly, leaving your free from do-it-yourself errors. Lastly, your plantation shutters can be fully customized by a local shutter company. So your shutters can be made to fit around hardware or other physical obstacles. These are issues that cheap plantation shutters usually cannot accommodate.


So if you’re ready to give your French doors the window treatments they deserve, contact Clearview Shutters today. Serving Utah and surrounding states since 1989, Clearview Shutters is a leader in custom shutters innovation and style.

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