What makes our shutters different?

We offer several unique features and value that you won’t find with any other shutter company.

Split Tilt-Rod

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One of the favorite features of the Clearview Shutter is the option to “split” the tilt-rod.  This allows you the ability to close a portion of your louvers for privacy and leave open the remaining portion to still let light into the room.

​This no-cost feature is great for all types of rooms – bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Hidden Tilt-Rod

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Clearview Shutters are professionally designed with the tilt-rod connected to the end of each louver.  When closed, the tilt-rod tucks neatly into specially designed grooves hidden from any view.

The advantages of the hidden tilt-rod include:
Stronger and More Reliable Design
Easier to Clean
Clearer View (no rod down the middle of your shutter blocking your view) 

Lifetime Guarantee

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In addition to our unmatched quality, we provide a lifetime guarantee on all of our shutters against any manufacturer defects. We want all of our customers to never have to worry about their shutter investment.

Seamless Panel Design

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Clearview Shutters are unique because the panels are finished with a seamless design.  With our competitors’ shutters one can easily see where each piece of wood connects to form the frame of the panel.  Those corner connect points are often just caulked to hide any uneven gaps in the frame.

Clearview Shutters are formed together in a unique seamless and gapless design.  This design not only creates a stronger frame but also makes for a wonderfully clean and polished appearance.

Symmetric Panels

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Next time you are at your neighbor’s house look carefully at the center of seam of their shutter panels (when at least two panels cover one window).  Does one side of the seam appear larger than the other?

Most shutter companies fall short in providing their customers with symmetric panels.  Almost always the width of one panel will appear smaller than the width of the other.  This is because one panel edge has to be grooved for the two panels to fit together.

With Clearview Shutters we uniquely make two special grooves for the panels to fit together both soundly and symmetrically.

Superior Craftsmanship

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To us, building shutters is like a fine art.  Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality available. Each shutter goes through intensive and detailed painting and sanding processes to ensure that the final product is impressively smooth.  Touch our louvers and feel the smooth Clearview touch!

Custom Design

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All of our shutters are made custom to fit your specific window and made to match your home style. We will match any paint or stain that you desire.

The shutters in the picture on the right were made out of barnwood from our client’s barn!

Finest Wood

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All of our shutters are constructed with only the best of first-class woods (Alder and Basswood). Once received, all wood is meticulously inspected for unwelcome knots and other blemishes before use in any of our work.