Considerations to Make Before Installing Custom Shutters

before installing custom shutters

Custom shutters have a benefit of increasing a home’s value while also giving your home an elegant look. But if you’re thinking of adding custom shutters to your home, there are some considerations to make before you take that initial leap. Our design experts are here to help you make the best decision for your situation, but in the meantime, there are some things you can consider before installing custom shutters. Here are a couple of items to think about before you schedule your free consultation.


Painted or Stained Custom Shutters

We want to make sure you’re as satisfied with your custom shutters as possible, which is why we offer complete customization in either paint or stain. If you have stained wood trim in your home, we’ll work tirelessly to make sure your new custom shutters match perfectly. If you’d rather have painted shutters, we’ll choose the right wood for the job and match any existing baseboard or trim colors perfectly.


The Windows to Install Your Custom Shutters on First

We recommend having all your windows fitted for custom shutters installed at the same time. However, we understand that budgets sometimes prevent that from happening. If you’re splitting up the installation of shutters in your home, you’ll want to first choose the windows that have the most visibility. Consider which windows will be seen from the front of your home. You may want to start with installing shutters on all street-view windows. This gives your home a more uniform look and offers better curb appeal. Once inside the home, you can decide which windows will give your visitors the best impression.


So if you’re ready to upgrade your home, make sure you consider the options before installing custom shutters. High quality shutters last a long time and Clearview Shutters wants to make sure you’re forever satisfied with your choices. So whether you decide on stain or paint, or want to split up your installation, we’re here to help. As always, we offer a free consultation and are ready and willing to help you create your perfect home today.


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